Industrial Three Phase E-Motors / Squirrel Cage Motors

Elma Motors is the private labeled brand of Elma’s own three phase E-motors. These ‘squirrel cage motors’ are offering the best of two worlds: “Engineered by the Dutch and made in China”. The design and engineering of both standard and customized models happens in the Netherlands. Production takes place in our factory in Wuxi, China.

Discover our IE2, IE3 and IE4 motors:

More on our webshop for E-motors

Elma Motors’ webshop (in Dutch) is offering over 1.500 types of asynchronous AC motors. By setting following parameters, you can easily find your E-motor:

  • Outputs: 0,18  – 400 kW
  • Voltage: 230/400V 50Hz or 400/690V 50Hz
  • Efficiency Classes: IE2 / IE3 / IE4
  • Speeds: 750 – 3.000 rpm
  • Mounting: B3, B5, B14 (B/L/S), B34 (L/S), B35 of V1
  • Frame sizes: 80 t/m 400
  • Frame type: aluminium or cast iron

> Custommade three phase E-motors

From the very start Elma Motors has been specialized in customizing three phase squirrel cage motors. Possible modifications include: outputs up to 10 MW, models with up to 64 poles, application specific cooling systems, shafts, flanges and mounting types.

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Every motor can also be equipped with a paint system according to the ISO 12944 standard, such as a MARINE C4-C5 coating. It is possible to define your coating colour of choice. Are you in need of a custom made motor? Please, contact one of our sales engineers to discus possibilities.

> Repairing & Rewinding E-motors

A team of E-motor experts at Elma’s service department is able to repair, overhaul and service almost any type of three phase E-motor or generator. Elma Services has over 80 year experience in these disciplines. In the same way our motor engineers are professionals when it comes to completely rewinding electrical motors.

> Guidelines for efficiency classes

With the old guidelines, e-motors were classified by efficiency. The efficiency of a motor was indicated by the designations Eff1, Eff2 and EFF3. Eff1 was the category for e-motors with the highest efficiency. Hence a logic class for a higher efficiency became impossible.

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The new European directive has solved this problems. The directive is based up on the IEC 60034-30 classifying the efficiency of electric motors with class IE1 (outside EU), IE2 (combined with a VFD), IE3 (standard) and IE4 (super premium).

The motors with IE1 class are suitable for applications that are deployed outside of Europe, for instance marine installations. Only under certain circumstances the IE1 motors can be used in Europe.

Elma Motors is capable of supplying specific and/or customized IE2, IE3 and IE4 motors on request. Please, contact us to find out about all the options!

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