Industrial Resistors

Industrial Resistors

When an electric motor driven machinery is slowing down, electric energy is generated. The motor acts as a generator. The braking energy must either go back into the power grid or be dissipated as heat. An external braking resistor is a compact, cost-effective method that burns the excess braking energy. Spohn & Burkhardt produces dynamic brake resistors (DBR) for each application, with capacities up to many megawatts and with different duty cycle.

Spohn & Burkhardt offers 3 types of industrial resistors

Features of Spohn & Burkhardt's industrial resistor

  • Several power and duty cycle programs.
  • Suitable for each brand inverter.
  • Standard or custom made.
  • Compact and economically justified.
  • Enclosures, open banks or as separate elements

The Spohn & Burkhardt product range of high-capacity resistors for regenerative braking are cost-effective, easy to specify, easy to install and available in power ratings suitable for almost all inverters. The brake resistors are suitable for a continuous output of more than 100kW. They are produced to order and assembled according to a standard design so they can be delivered within just a few weeks. The enclosure has an IP20 or IP23 degree of protection and the materials used are mostly SS304 and SS316. They can also be supplied in galvanized steel.

Continuous power over 100 kW, for medium and high voltage, and fan or water cooled or for specific applications such as marine, mining etc., the brake resistors are designed according to your specifications.

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