Operator Control Chairs

Oparator Control Chairs for optimal ergonomics

Spohn & Burkhardt operator control chairs are fully configurable to customer requirements. That is why they form a convenient solution for the control of cranes, manipulators and other industrial machinery. The operator chair system is designed in such way that the position of all seat elements can be adjusted. This maximizes the operator’s seating comfort, reduces his fatigue and at the same time enhances his focus on the job. Each operator control system is designed and manufactured with high quality materials. Spohn & Burkhardt always applies the latest technologies.

Popular oparator control systems from Spohn & Burkhardt

The Spohn & Burkhardt joysticks provide a comfortable and precise operation of the machine. For a more convenient operation, it is possible to integrate the buttons and / or switches in the handle of the joystick. A good example of this is the G56 joystick handle.

The shape of the operator control chair contributes to an optimal placement of monitoring and control elements in the operator’s line of sight.

See how the FS operator control chairs can be adjusted in every dimension

  • Turnability of the entire system
  • Blocking of the rotation mechanism
  • Tilting of the seat
  • Presence sensor
  • Safety belt
  • Manual or electric seat adjustment
  • Programmable seat adjustment
  • Mechanical or pneumatic suspension
  • Joysticks having contacts, potentiometers and/or fieldbusses (Profibus, Profinet, ProfiSafe, SAE J1939, DeviceNet, CAN(open), Ethernet, …)
  • Joysticks (buttons and/or switches in handle possible)
  • Pushbuttons
  • 2-Position Switches
  • 3-Position Switches
  • Key switches
  • Pilot lights
  • Touchscreen display
  • Microphone

Designing operator control chairs is a complex process, often leading to custom-made “turnkey” solutions. As customer you are able to specify all necessary operating & control elements. ELMA sales engineers will assist you with selecting the operator control station best fitting your application. After determining all specifications, the operator control station is produced according to your wishes, including operating and control elements, fully wired and ready for installation.

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