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OEM, a well-known market to Elma

In the Benelux a big amount of SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) operate in the sector known as the OEM. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Many OEM’s are direct or indirect customer of Elma.

Components for panel building

Elma not only supplies components such as radio remote control stations, joysticks and various other switchgear, also many OEM, who do not have an in-house electrical engineering department, our unburdened by Elma. Based upon your functional specifications our engineering department designs the control panels and cabinets for your equipment. If required we can also develop and test the PLC and HMI (Human Machine Interface) application software.

Brand independent system integrator

As a brand independent system integrator Elma is free in its choice of materials. In other words, we use the materials and brands you prescribe. We have a vast experience in many brands of switchgear, such as ABB, Siemens, Allen Bradley and Schneider. Furthermore we have a lot of experience in drive technology. In addition to our own AC motor line (Elma Motors) we also use the brand AC motor required by the customer. The motor is usually controlled by a VFD (Variable Frequency Drives). Over the years, we have built up a lot of experience in commissioning different brands of VFD such as Siemens, ABB, Allen Bradley, Vacon, Schneider, Omron, Mitsubishi etc.

Low cost panel building in Romania

In addition to the panel building department at our main office in Soesterberg, The Netherlands, we also have an assembly facility in Romania Elro SRL. Especially when it comes to control panels requiring a large amount of assembling labor or when a series of the same panels need to be assembled it becomes financially very interesting to execute these works at Elro SRL.

Installing of the drive and control system

Another discipline of Elma is installing the electrical drive- and control systems. These works can be performed both in our work shop as well as on site. If required we also can provide the commissioning of the machine.

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