LF150 rudder control system with black padded steering wheel, wheel diameter ⌀= 35 0mm

Productcode: LF150-01-30

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LF150 is a rudder control unit designed for electronic control. The LF150 wheel unit for rudder control includes potentiometer and visible panel plate.

Technical description LF150

- Steering wheel: finished in glossy steel or black padded steel (for standard models in webshop)
- Materials: Stainless steel, brass, aluminium, POM
- Standard potentiometer: 5 kΩ

!! Are you in need of a customized LF150 rudder control system? Do you wish to add one or more of the options which are mentioned below? Please, contact one of our sales engineers !!


- Termination
- Spring-loaded return to neutral position
- Built-in microswitches
- Light
- Alternative potentiometers
- Custom design: wheel, panel plate, scale foil
- 4 - 20 mA signal from signal amplifier
- CANbus, Profibus and Profinet signals emitted by Lilaas interface unit
- Other outputs in consultation with Elma Components
More Information
Parts No
IP protection IP56
Housing Material Steel A2, Aluminum, Stainless steel, POM
Handle movement ± 155⁰
Electrical movement ± 155⁰