LF70L Azimuth control lever AFT, left hand version

Productcode: LF70L-01-114

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The Lilaas LF70L is a left hand version Azimuth control lever with dual axes. It is designed for controlling two functions simultaneously. Functions include: pitch control, engine speed and thrust direction of the propeller.

The LF70L control lever can be moved +/- 60° vertically and continuously 360° horizontally. It is made for electronic control and therefor equipped with potentiometer and micro switches. The Lilaas LF70L is compact, rugged and combines dual control simply and safely.

!! The L70L models in our webshop are standard models. Are you in need of a customized L70 lever? Do you wish to add one or more of the options which are mentioned below? Please, contact one of our sales engineers !!

All LF70 levers are finished with Alodine and a poweder coating. They are DNV-GL certified.

Options Lilaas LF70

- Limited movement
- Motorised axes
- Built-in switches
- Termination
- Alternative potentiometer
- Custom design (handles, scale foils)
- 4 - 20 mA signal from the signal amplifier
- CANbus, Profibus and Profinet signals emitted by Lilaas interface unit
- other outputs: in consultation with Elma Components
More Information
Parts No
IP protection IP66
Housing Material Steel A2, Aluminum, POM
RPM movement ± 60⁰ / 245⁰
Azimuth movement 360⁰ / 360⁰