Rudder control lever LF80 mini wheel version

Productcode: LF80-01-10

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Lilaas LF80 rudder controllers are reliable control units designed for electronic control. Lilaas' selection consists of both high-quality mini wheels, turning knobs and control handles. They can be used for every kind of vessel. The design of the handwheels and handles, as well as with their corresponding mounting plates, are a result of a cooperation between Lilaas engineers and customers. All Lilaas rudder control solutions are equipped with potentiometers. The versions offered in our webshop are standard models.

!! Are you in need of a customized LF80 lever, knob or steering wheel solution? Do you wish to add one or more of the options which are mentioned below? Please, contact one of our sales engineers !!

Technical description LF80 rudder control units:

- Panel plate: black powder coated aluminium
- Scale foil: countersunk self-adhesive scale
- Handle: dulled stainless steel and POM (plastic material)
- Standard potentiometer: 5 kΩ per axis
- Potentiometer operation: spur gears


- Termination
- Spring-return to neutral position
- Motorised axes
- Light
- Colour / finish
- Alternative potentiometers, micro switches
- Custom design: scaling, panel plate, hand wheel
- 4 - 20 mA signal from signal amplifier
- CANbus, Profibus and Profinet signals emitted by a special Lilaas interface unit
- other outputs: in consultation with Elma Components
More Information
Parts No
IP protection IP56
Housing Material Steel A2, Aluminum
Handle movement ± 60⁰
Electrical movement 319⁰