Cast iron resistors: low maintenance, high load applications

Cast iron resistors from Spohn & Burkhardt are used when temporary maximum load peaks need to be dealt with. The large mass of the cast iron grid achieves a high surge resistance.

Every resistor sections can easily be replaced with a new Spohn & Burkhardt’s cast iron resistor. All connections are easily accessible thanks to a removable front cover.

By default, the cast iron resistors from Spohn & Burkhardt are fitted in a powder-coated steel housing. Stainless steel housings are made upon special request. Cast iron resistors come in different protection ratings. They are suitable for outdoor use.

Large ventilation slots in the roof assure an optimal air flow. Both wall and floor mounting are possible. Massive eyelet rings enable easy transport and installation.

Thermal switches and forced ventilation are optional.

Benefits of cast iron resistors

  • Individually mounted resistor sections, easy to replace
  • Surge-proof with high overload capacity
  • Large mass provides high overload capacity