CS1: compact 2-axis joystick with bus connection

The CS1 joystick is a compact, yet versatile joystick. It proves that joysticks do not need to be big.

The CS1 is built from following components:

  • impact-resistant, anti-aging plastic drive block
  • durable and precise metal gear
  • controlled with an 8 mm (12 mm for single drive) handle shaft
  • drives with stamped cam discs, micro-switches, metal gears or potentiometers
  • electronic interfaces for BUS connection: CAN2.0B, CANopen, SAE-J1939-71, ProfiBus-DP, I/O-board, ProfiNet I/O, Multibus, 20...0...20 mA, 20...4...20 mA, 4...12...20 mA
  • amplifier assemblies for analogue transmission. These are protected and shielded with a metal enclosure cup.

A wide range of options and customizations is made possible thanks to the modular construction concept of the CS1 joystick. Modifications include standard and special connecting links, nameplates, rubber boots and different types of handles.

If you can’t find a version that meets your requirements, the sales engineers of Elma Components can develop one that is specially optimized for your application. Please, contact us and use our experience!

Number of axis 1 or 2 axis
Max. handle deflection 36°
Max. protection class outside / inside IP54 / IP42
Installation from above and below
Number of notches 5
Spring return yes
Friction break yes
Mechanical Interlock yes
Operating temperature -25°C / +60°C
Switching cycles min. 10 milion
Cross gate yes
Special gate yes
Max. Voltage / Current 24V / 4A
Max. number of contacts per direction of movement 3
Sensor types Potentiometer, Hall sensor
Type of desired output signals

4-20 mA or 0-20 mA
-10 .... +10 volt DC
-2,5 .... + 2,5 volt DC
0 .... +5 volt DC (digital)
-10 .... +10 volt DC pp (PWM)
0 .... +5 volt DC pp (PWM)

BUS systems

ProfiNet, ProfiBus, SAE J1939, CAN(open), ...

Analogue output resistance, current or voltage