FS-series operator control stations

Spohn & Burkhardt's series FS operator control chairs are characterized by versatility and robustness. The FS stations are designed for relaxed and fatigue-free work and take into account every ergonomic aspect. At this website we are highlighting following five FS variants:


In case of heavy vibrations or uneven terrain, the FS seats and consoles still offer optimal seating comfort. The reason: a perfect combined action of suspension, seat and consoles! They all move together, ensuring a stable and constant arm and sitting position.

Important features FS series:

  • comfort seat with long well-formed backrest and reinforced side contours. Mechanical suspension with height adjustment.
  • optimal working position for each body size (DIN 33402) thanks to adjustments in seat height, seat tilt, seat cushion depth, combined longitudinal adjustment of consoles and seat, adjustable lumbar support, backrest adjustment, weight adjustment, armrests adjustable in height and tilt
  • consoles with hinges made of steel plate, custom-made.
  • robust steel base with collapsible cover under seat, for easy access to terminals. For rotary units, terminals are integrated in base console.
  • powder-coated metal parts.
  • rotary motion without backlash, stepless lock via excentric brake or lock by notches, ranging from 180° right to 90° left.

Optimal seat - visibility combination

With two adjustment rail sets, Spohn + Burkhardt ensures optimal seat - visibility combination. An upper adjustment rail set allows the longitudinal adjustment of the control chair's upper part relative to the side consoles. Hence an optimal positioning of joysticks and operating elements in relation to the sitting position is possible.

The lower adjustment rail set is used for the longitudinal adjustment of the seat top part, including consoles for an optimal view on the working area.