The FSA / FSAD is a hydraulic damped and suspended control chair system from Spohn & Burkhardt. The best choice if your application requires many standard mechanical adjustments. It comes with lateral consoles for the installation of controllers, control devices, digital and indicating instruments. Various adjustments can be done manually in order to get an optimal seat position.


  • Rugged and compact design
  • Many standard manual adjustments
  • Heavy duty ball bearing rotator
  • Wide variety of standard features and options

Features FSA / FSAD:

- Hydraulic damped seat with spring type S722

  • Height 3 steps, 60 mm
  • Forward-backward-whole unit
  • Forward-backward-only seat
  • Backrest inclination, +10°-80°
  • Lumb

- Lumbar support

- Special armrests AS1-30: adjustable in height, tiltable, installed on console or backrest

- Seat and backrest cushion easy to replace

- Consoles with hinged covers inclinable and tiltable upwards with staying device

- Flexible hoses for wires M40 or M50

- Standard: black powder coated

Unique for FSAD: ball bearing rotating system with friction or notching disc in the range (from 180' on right to 90' on left side)