The FSR / FSRD operator control chairs comes with a hydraulicly damped suspension. The operator station is equipped with lateral consoles for the installation of controllers, control devices, digital and indicating instruments. Various adjustments can be made manually in order to get an optimal seat position.

Key features FSR / FSRD:

In addition to the key features as described under FS series:

  • Seat and backrest cushion are easy to replace
  • Lumbar support
  • Adjustable armrest (as part of the seat)
  • Consoles turnable outwards, tilt and hinged.
  • Flexible hoses for wires M40 or M50
  • Specifically for FSRD: ball bearing rotating system with friction or notching disc in the range from 180' on right to 90' on left side

In order to have easy access to the terminals in base of the operator's chair, one has to tilt back seat.