FSRHD-2G optimized for maximum comfort

Spohn & Burkhardt’s FSRHD-2G operator control chair is the best choice when you need an improved line of sight. The fully adjustable control station is a great example of how the superb ergonomic design of Spohn & Burkhardt is serving its customers. One can say that the FSRHD-2G is optimized for maximum comfort.

The FSRHD-2G’s has a full body contoured seat, offering optimum back and lateral stability. The seat comes in cloth or leather, with our without U-Cut. It comes standard with highly durable black cloth upholstery, mechanical lumbar support, continuously adjustable reclining, foldable backrest, adjustable seat depth and adjustable headrest. The leather seat version includes all of the standard features above along with an extra upper lumbar tilt adjustment and adjustable side support. Baffles are incorporated into the backrest to allow for increased airflow.


  • Gas shock assist variable angle and slew adjustment with pushbutton release
  • Console covers with slight inward slope
  • Integrated wire and cable routing

Comfort seat

  • Full body contoured com- fort seat for optimum back and lateral stability
  • U-cut for improved line of sight below
  • Fins incorporated into the back rest help reduce stress on the spine

Control consoles

  • Gas shock assist variable angle adjustment with pushbutton release
  • Console covers with slight inward slope
  • forward/back adjustment and slew adjustment with pushbutton release
  • Console mounted armrests with angle adjustment


  • Mechanical scissor for tilt and additional height adjustment
  • Mechanical or pneumatic suspension system
  • Dual seat and console slide system allows the consoles and seat to slide together or the seat to slide independently of the consoles
  • Rotating with selectable brake system


  • Footrest turns with the system and is offered with many industry leading features and options