Spohn & Burkhardt FSRHDG control station. Optimized for lean forward working position

The best choice if you need to move hundreds of thousands of tons with pinpoint accuracy!  Heavy-duty, fully adjustable operator armchair system is well suited for machine and industrial cabin applications, as well as cab-operated equipment.

Benefits of the FSRHDG:

  • Significant number of standard adjustments to help position the operator
  • Excellent support, even when leaning forward

Comfortable seat

  • Full body contoured com- fort seat for optimum back and lateral stability
  • Optional headrest
  • U-cut seat for improved line of sight below
  • Optional electric seat heater and operator presence switch
  • Fins incorporated into the back rest to help reduce stress on the spine

Possible adjustments

  • Mechanical scissor for tilt and additional height adjustment
  • Mechanical or pneumatic suspension system
  • Dual seat and console slide system allows the consoles and seat to slide together or the seat to slide independently ofthe consoles
  • Rotating with selectable brake system

Seat belt system

  • Lap belt
  • 4-point shoulder harness


  • Footrest turns with the system and are offered with many industry leading features and options are available
Adjustment seat cushion inclination between 3⁰ - 11⁰ (with S722 type seat)
Rotation complete system
  • ball bearing 
  • exentric brake for stepless positioning 
  • or spring loaded pin for fixing position (-90°/+180° range)
Seat tilt ±14°
Armrests in leather, tiltable with 6 steps up to 30°
Longitudinal seat adjustment  forward-backward +75 mm 
Longitudinal adjustment seat & consoles combined  forward-backward +75 mm
Stepless tilting consoles -20° (down) to +50° (up)
Positioning of consoles
  • horizontal turnable from 5° inner to 25° outer position
  • longitudinal console adjustment +50 mm