Timeless | Elegant | Clear Shapes | Highly Functional

With the G56 Spohn & Burkhardt is setting a standard for the user-friendliness and customizibility of joystick grips. Thanks to its special design, various controls can be installed on the front and  the back of the G56 grip. A handy combination of different push buttons, rockers, micro joysticks and thumbwheels can be made in order to meet the requirements for every application.

The G56 grip: a great solution for mobile machinery

Sensors, handles and control units of mobile machines are frequently exposed to heat, dirt, dust, water or snow. They are expected to withstand these harsh conditions. For this reason Spohn & Burkhardt has designed the G56 grip. The design engineers have applied decades of experience and know-how. Following aspects make for a perfect mobile machinery handle:

  • Modern & ergonomic design
  • High durability
  • IP 65 protection
  • High-quality mechanics and electronics
  • Insert plates that can be customized