JMS3 joystick: for the highest precision

The JMS3 is an all-metal joystick, manufactured with high precision. An aluminum base element is assembled with positive-locking fittings for the integration of modular stainless steel and brass parts. Low-force and precise control is achieved thanks to the solid brass gear and special oil-damped rotation dampers.

Potentiometers or encapsulated HALL sensors are flange-mounted on the side and generate analogue output signals. On request, these sensing units can be installed with a special design zero-play gearing system.

The spherical cap, ball bearing and linkage are installed conversely in order to achieve a compact design. This design assures a low handle height and contributes to an exact and direct mode of operation. A specially designed rubber boot visually completes the device’s slim appearance. It is equipped with ergonomic finger grips.

The JMS3 joystick increasingly finds its way to control consoles, control stands and operator desks. The joystick shows its strengths in applications that require a reliable control of fast vehicles and machines. The JMS3 is also used in cranes that need to handle and align loads with an very high precision.