Durable brake and load resistors

Spohn & Burkhardt industrial products are always made of a very high quality. This quality guarantee also icludes their brake and load resistors. Operational life spans of 20 years or more are not unusual for these German-made industrieal resistors! Both the standard and special models are basically non-wearing. Replacement of individual components is possible at all times. An international service network ensures fast spare part deliveries.

Depending on the application and stress, Spohn & Burkhardt resistors are constructed with wire wound, steel grid or cast iron. Resistor housings come in standard or stainless steel. They can be finished in the customer’s RAL color-of-choice.

>> Are you looking to buy a brake or load resistor? Our ELMA sales engineers will help you select the best fitting resistor solution. Benefit from our decades-long experience and in-depth knowledge of Spohn & Burkhardt products. <<

Benefits of Spohn & Burkhardt brake and load resistors

  • Decades of experience in resistor design & manufacturing
  • Unmatched quality and service life
  • Modular design allows for quick delivery
  • Industry standard sizes and values
  • Optional anti-corrosion stainless steel
  • Large variety of cabinet finish colors
  • Custom designed solutions