Cam switches for every sector

Spohn & Burkhardt manufactures maintenance, gear limit and traction switches. Each cam switch can be perfectly adapted to your work environment. Whether used for industrial applications, in construction machinery, conveyor systems or on ships and vessels: Spohn & Burkhardt cam switches always stand out for their high quality workmanship and long service life.

Cam switches for Maintenance

Extreme environmental condition, highest safety requirements: Spohn & Burkhardt cam switches for maintenance have proven their value over several decades. They are used in cement plants, on belt drives or in port crane control applications. If you are looking for a robust, long-lasting cam switch, this maintenance cam switch is a very reliable option. Each model comes with 10 years waranty.

Cam switch are available in various versions, each with its own switch output. A high durability and reliability are guaranteed thanks to a solid ball handle, milled cam discs, ceramic spark chambers, a powerful blow magnet and a large contact opening path.

We can equip the maintenance switch with solid metal locking mechanisms so that you can attach a padlock. We also deliver it installed in a sturdy housing made of cast aluminum or metal.

Gear limit cam switches

If you are looking for a slewing limit switch for your lifting equipment, Spohn + Burkhardt gear limit switches are the perfect choice. These modularly designed switching devices are very robust. they can be adapted to the customer's individual requirements. Multiple adjustable contacts, potentiometers and encoders can be freely mounted to the central metal drive shaft. Gear limit switches can be equipped with a powder-coated steel sheet or stainless steel housing. Needless to say: these casngs come in the appropriate size for the cam switch.

Braking controllers

Joysticks are used widely in the railway and marine sector. Cam switches with contacts and encoders are very popular. Eac cam switch is defined by its functions and output signals.

Special cam switches

Special sector specific challenges often require cam switches that are customized. For this reason, Spohn & Burkhardt has developed custom solutions. You can think of switches with a double drive or with a rotary potentiometer for Ex applications. Even hardware contacts in DC and AC versions can be installed. These are controlled with high quality drive mechanisms, as well as DC and AC contacts. Just contact one of our ELMA sales engineers. They will help you find an optimal cam switch solution!

Take advantage of the benefits of Spohn + Burkhardt: fast production, a worldwide dealer network and reliable spare parts service. We look forward to your inquiry and can advise you on the right switch for your application.