First-class joysticks & control levers for every application

Joysticks from Spohn & Burkhardt are true jacks-of-all-trades! Every day a multitude of functions is controlled with Spohn & Burkhardt precision joysticks. They are used in almost every sector: from industry & construction, agriculture, transport & logistics to mecanical engineering and OEM markets. Top quality. Made in Germany.

Operators need to rely on the safe and reliable operation of a joystick when controlling a process. Most users also want to be assured of a long service life. These are exactly the demands Spohn & Burkhardt is willing to meet!  A great selection of accessories and extra options further enhance the functionality of each control device. Often customers chose for a unique customized product, created from one of the standard models.

Imortant features

  • Ergonomically and cleverly designed handles that integrate different options like pushbuttons, switches and sensors in one device
  • A great number of outputs: precision potentiometers or HALL sensors, contactless potentiometers, absolute encoders, various BUS systems (CAN2.0B, CANopen, SAE-J1939-71, ProfiBus-DP, I/O-board, ProfiNet I/O, Multibus, 20...0...20 mA, 20...4...20 mA, 4...12...20 mA).
  • Robust mechanical construction
  • High IP values (up to IP67)
  • ATEX versions (EEx d)

A thorough inquiry prior to the design and production of a joystick is crucial. What is the joystick going to be used for? Which are the (weather) conditions it needs to operate in? How often will it be used? Which are the conditions in and requirements of the specific industrial branch? (Atex, Cleanroom, SIL, ...) Our Elma sales engineers will help you assess all the important requirements. Together we will come to the best customized or standard solution for your control challenge!

Important questions to ask

  • Functionalities: how often will the joystick be used? Which functions are needed? How many switch stages are used? How many axes do you want to control: 1, 2 or 3?
  • External conditions: extreme temperatures? Should the device be weatherproof or saltwater resistant? Does it come into contact with oil, ozone or UV radiation?
  • Workload: in which market is the joystick going to be used? How large or heavy can the controler be? What is the installation situation like? How precise are the control tasks?
  • Electrical components: which attachments, connections and installations are necessary? Is the joystick going to be used in an Atex/Ex environment? Should dead man's function be integrated? Which output signal is going to be used?

Applications of Spohn & Burkhardt joystick 

Port cranes, tower cranes, mobile cranes, telescopic cranes, loader cranes, overhead cranes, construction machinery, agricultural technology, a wide range of marine applications, conveyor & drive technology, factory automation, transport & logistics engineering.