Operator seats that offer optimal work ergonomics

Operators of cranes and other industrial equipment spend countless hours in control stations. Comfortable and ergonomic operator seats are therefor a necessity! Spohn & Burkhardt’s crane control chairs are known for their high comfort. Each operator seat offers a wide variety of adjustment possibilities. A built-in memory function enables the operator to store his or her personal settings. Working in shifts has never been this easy!

Healthy and efficient work practices form the driving motive behind the design and production of each Spohn & Burkhardt control station. The company is constantly looking for improvements based upon the requirements and feedback from customers worldwide.

The direct environment of each control station has specific details. Think of dizzying heights, tight spatial constraints, undulating motion or control tasks that demand a very high-precision. An unimpeded panoramic view is needed when steering a crane. Seats in smaller cabins often need to be foldable. Control stations for container cranes in harbors require different tilt options than for the ones in mobile cranes. Employees in power plants are exposed to different temperature ranges than the ones on oil rigs. Aspects that at first sight appear to be minor details can ultimately make a big difference.

Over the past decades Spohn & Burkhardt has developed a number of clever features that enable control stations to be easily equipped according to the requirements of almost every operator. Optimal ergonomics form a key aspect.

Comfort Operator Seats

The majority of the seats have a long and tilting backrest with full body contours. Incorporated fins can relieve the spinal column. The side contours give the back an optimal hold. On request, Spohn & Burkhardt can also install adjustable headrests. Seats are able to rotate and tilt in order to obtain the required view. The turning radius of the rotating control stations goes up to 270 ⁰. The tilt can be changed up to 14 ⁰. A u-cut seat enables an unobstructed view below. A seat suspension system improves work quality on uneven terrain. Optionally, height, tilt and rotation can be adjusted electrically.


Spohn & Burkhardt pays great attention to the ergonomics of each armrest. Customers can either chose a simpler standard design or a totally customized solution. Spohn & Burkhardt armrests are adjustable in length and adaptable to each body size and arm length. Special supports enhance the comfort of arms by relieving stress and tension.

Costumizable Control Consoles

The look of each control console depends on the functionalities it is offering. Spohn & Burkhardt control stations can be equipped with consoles and joysticks from the complete Spohn + Burkhardt product range. Also mini steering wheels, microphones or monitors can be integrated. Every console, joystick or equipment selected by the customer will first be checked for integration feasibility. When needed, they are customized by the Spohn & Burkhardt team of engineers. Other control console features: continuously variable tilt adjustment with gas shock assist, inward slope for optimal work posture. Some control consoles can be folded upwards facilitating an easy way of exit. Other models will pivot outwards. Console covers can be either removed or folded back- or forward.

Foot rests

Foot rests are available in a great variety. They always rotate along with the seat. Attached brackets can be adjusted upwards or outwards.

Other options

  • memory function in operator seats for shift operation. Store the seat settings of each colleague and save a lot of time!
  • additional safety features: high-quality safety belts (as seatbelt or 4-point harness), operator presence switch.
  • electric seat heater for cold weather conditions
  • appropriate floor sliding systems