ST0 joystick: solid & compact

Spohn & Burkhardt produces both standard and customized ST0 joysticks by means of a modular principle. A sturdy metal cast drive block is always at the heart of the joystick. It assures a long service life and high number of switching cycles. With a spring-return-to-center, a friction brake and mechanical interlocking, the ST0 offers a wide range of options and variations.

The joystick comes in either a 5-0-5 step output or a spring-return contact. A hybrid version combining locking contact positions with momentary contact positions also is a possibility. Equipped with micro-switches, double contact elements, potentiometers or absolute encoders, the ST0 can be used for a wide range of demanding control tasks. Thanks to an integrated bus interface it operates reliably both as 'bus node' and with a valve amplifier for activation of solenoid valves.

A comprehensive assortment of handles completes the ST0 joystick in terms of optical and tactile features. This joystick is frequently used in control consoles, construction machinery, municipal vehicles and work platforms.

ST0 joystick is used in control consoles, construction and municipal vehicles, agricultural machinery and work platforms. This series of joysticks offers solid and compact solutions with automatic resetting, switch stages, locking contact and momentary contact positions. 

Optional: valve amplifier

ST0-N variant

The ST0-N is a special variant of the standard ST0 joystick. It is equipped with up to three extra NS0 double contact blocks (or circuits). These blocks enable users to make a 3-2-1-0-1-2-3 switching configuration and hence to work with e.g. 3 fixed positions forward and 3 backward. The NS0 blocks can easily and modularly be clicked to the drive block of the ST0 joystick.