ST4: the weather-proof, 1-axis joystick

The ST4 joystick is specially designed for machines, vehicles and cranes exposed to wind, sun, rain, snow and ice. Protection degree: IP67!!

The ST4 is built on an innovative drive block: a solution made of special plastic. As a result, Spohn & Burkhardt is able to guarantee a functioning unit, even with a defect in the rubber boot or when water enters the device. It is a solid and compact control solution with automatic resetting, switch stages, locking contact and momentary contact positions.

The ST4 joystick is designed for construction and agricultural machinery without cabins. It ensures maximum shifting performance for every application that is exposed to winter, weather and sunlight.

Other features:

  • Friction brake
  • Mechanical locking
  • Equipped with micro switches, double contact elements, potentiometers or absolute value encoders
  • BUS interface are integrated: ProfiNet, ProfiBus, SAE J1939, CAN(open), ...
  • Optional: valve amplifier
Number of axis 1-axis
Max. angle joystick 26°
Max. protection class outside / inside IP67 / IP00
Installation from below
Spring return yes
Friction break yes
Mechanical Interlock yes
Operating temperature -25°C / +60°C
Switching cycles Min. 6 milion
Max. number of contacts per direction of movement 4
Sensor types Potentiometer
Type of desired output signals

4-20 mA or 0-20 mA
-10 .... +10 volt DC
-2,5 .... + 2,5 volt DC
0 .... +5 volt DC (digital)
-10 .... +10 volt DC pp (PWM)
0 .... +5 volt DC pp (PWM)

Analogue output resistance