Compact and rugged design for medium to high power requirements

Steel grid resistors from Spohn & Burkhardt are produced from stainless steel grids. These grids offer a high overload capacity thanks to the alloy they are made of. This alloy differentiates Spohn & Burkhardt from its competitors. They often opt for a more economical variety.

Large surfaces take care of an optimal heat dissipation. They have the highest possible temperature resistance, with a melting point well above 1000 ⁰C.

The individual steel grids are first secured into a frame and then installed in the resistor’s housing. This enables simple replacement in case of malfunctioning. All connections are easily accessible.

It is also possible to wire the connections to separate connecting strips in the lower area of the resistor. This simplifies the installation of connection cables.

Thanks to large ventilation slots, the housing guarantees a good air flow and optimal cooling. The housing can be mounted to the wall or installed on the floor. The resistor is weatherproof and can be installed outside. Sturdy eyelet rings facilitate transport and installation.

Spohn & Burkhardt steel grid resistors can be optionally delivered with thermal contacts and internal or external cooling fans.

Benefits of steel grid resistors

  • Individually mounted resistor sections and grids for ease of replacement
  • Low inductance
  • High quality stainless steel alloy resistor grids
  • Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, with a melting point well over 1000 °C
  • Surge-proof - high overload capacity