T-022 portable control panel

  • Made by Spohn & Burkhardt, in Germany
  • Rugged, compact design
  • Heavy duty housing from fiberglass reinforced plastic: resistant against extreme temperatures, waterproof, oil / fuel resistant
  • Equipped according to customer requirements
  • Yellow housing 
  • Cover hinged
  • Heavy duty gasket seal between top and bottom enclosure sections
  • Stainless steel flaps
  • Removable breast plate (black) 
  • With shoulder traps
  • Removable stainless steel foot rack


  • BUS outputs including: CAN, CANopen, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, PROFIsafe
  • Integration of joysticks and othere control elements to make a complete system, with connecting leads and plug.


  • As a portable control station / hanging control panel for various cranes, attachments, robot control
  • As cable remote control