VCS0: Spohn & Burkhardt’s classic joystick

For medium duty applications, the VCS0 is your go-to joystick! For many decades this light-weight joystick has proven loyal and reliable service in many fields worldwide.

The drive block has a special leak-current-proof insulation and is also heat and cold resistant. It supports all mechanical components and serves as contact protection for the electrically conductive parts. An optional zero position horn or a deadman’s contact can be integrated in the drive block. This saves space and guarantees a protected installation. Insulated double contact elements (up to 250 V, 10 A) offer intelligent positive locking.

Various connecting links are available. They are used for mechanical limiting or for guiding of the direction of the movement. Standard and special connections can be equipped with up to four double contact elements per axis. Positive locking potentiometers and encoders can be docked with the use of a simple sliding coupling or directly, replacing a double contact element.

Apart from many ‘special equipment’ applications, the VCS0 joystick is a standard controller in many cranes, control stations and in radio remote control transmitters.