VNS0 joystick: the Allrounder

The VNS0 is a very robust joystick with an aluminium pressure casted console and metal gears. The device is resistant against ozone, UV radiation, oil and maritime climate. The VNS0 joystick is very suitable for heavy duty operations, also in Ex-areas.

The VNS0 is available as single and compound axis drive. The intelligent modular design allows customized solutions for contact elements: up to 12 units, with two switching contacts per element. These contacts can be flanged in the x, y and z axis or can be placed in series.

A maximum of nine contact elements can be implemented with spring return and notches. Customers can choose different types of notches and cams from an extensive portfolio. The cams and notches can be programmed according to customer requirements.

Silver or gold contacts are optional. The hollow handle shaft is made of a special alloy and has a 8 mm diameter. This enables the assembly of a wide range of handles and offers the possibility of guiding cables through the joystick. Rotational movements are possible thanks to certain handle options.

A special coupling system enables the possibility for flanged mounting of various potentiometers and absolute encoders. Also, a variety of printed circuit boards is available for the implementation of bus systems. Nameplates can be made according to customer requirements (optional). They come in a transparent plastic or as an engraved aluminum incription.

Check the bigger brother of the VNS0: the VNS2!

Number of axis 1 or 2 axis
Handle deflection 36°
Max. protection class outside / inside IP54 / IP40
Installation from below
Number of notches 5
Spring return yes
Friction break yes
Mechanical Interlock yes
Operating temperature -40°C / +60°C
Switching cycles min. 10 milion
Cross gate yes
Special gate yes
Max. Voltage / Current 230V / 16A
Max. number of contacts per direction of movement 24
Sensor types Potentiometer, Encoder, Hall
Type of desired output signals

4-20 mA or 0-20 mA
-10 .... +10 volt DC
-2,5 .... + 2,5 volt DC
0 .... +5 volt DC (digital)
-10 .... +10 volt DC pp (PWM)
0 .... +5 volt DC pp (PWM)

BUS systems ProfiNet, ProfiBus, SAE J1939, CAN(open), ...
Analog output resistance
Atex version available yes
UL yes
CSA yes