VNS2 joystick - convincing technology for the tough conditions

The VNS2 joystick is the big brother of the proven pioneer, the VNS0. The VNS2 is developed especially for tough mechanical and environmental operating conditions. It is available as single or multi-axis controller, or, in conjunction with special handles, as 3-axis version.

The intelligent modular system permits the mounting of contact blocks in X, Y or Z direction. Each direction can hold up to 12 double contact elements. Milled cams, programmed from Spohn & Burkhardt's standard portfolio or customized, control the powerful DC, AC or gold contacts.

The VNS2 joystick van also be equiped with encoders, potentiometers or handles. A 12 mm hollow handle stem, an aluminum rosette, metal gears and a casted drive block all contribute to the heavy duty needs of steel plant operators, other industrial operatrors, crane manufacturers. Robustness and durability galore!

Number of axis 1 or 2 axis
Max. handle deflection 36°
Max. protection class outside / inside IP54 / IP40
Installation from below
Number of notches 5
Spring return yes
Friction break yes
Mechanical Interlock yes
Operating temperature -20°C / +60°C
Switching cycles min. 10 milion
Cross gate yes
Special gate yes
Max. Voltage / Current 230V / 25A
Switching capacity 24V / 10A
Max. number of contacts per direction of movement 24
Sensor types Potentiometer, Encoder
Type of desired output signals

4-20 mA or 0-20 mA
-10 .... +10 volt DC
-2,5 .... + 2,5 volt DC
0 .... +5 volt DC (digital)
-10 .... +10 volt DC pp (PWM)
0 .... +5 volt DC pp (PWM)

Analogue output resistance
Atex version available yes