Proven versatile technology for small-medium power requirements

Spohn & Burkhardt wire wound resistors are frequently used for smaller outputs or high ohmic values. The winding consists of chrome nickel wire with a high overload capacity.

The resistor columns are installed in a sturdy frame. They are also available as spare parts.

Housings are available in stainless steel. The frontside cover can be partly or completely removed for commissioning. Optional: thermal switch for protection in case of overload.

Spohn & Burkhardt preferably supplies its wire-wound resistors with an internal cooling fan. In case of higher outputs forced ventilation is possible.

Benefits of Wire Wound Resistors

  • Individually replaceable resistor connecting posts
  • Maximum resistance  value flexibility
  • Any number of taps
  • High resistance values are available for low current applications
  • Surge-proof – high overload capacity

Wire connecting posts 
  • extra insulation included
  • individually replaceable
  • mounted in a sturdy frame, protection against vibration
  • made of high-quality stainless steel
  • additional ventilation slots if required
  • removable cover for easy access
  • simple cable entry and routing
Roof vents
  • suitable for outdoor use
  • floor or wall mounting per customer requirements
Customer connections
  • easy access design
  • retrofits easily made to other manufacturer’s units 
  • allows for flexible relocation
  • thermal switch
  • overload contact
  • internal/external cooling fans