FSMMDER - geoptimaliseerd voor toepassingen met meerdere operators

Spohn & Burkhardt’s FSMMDER control station: the best choice if only a memory seat satisfies a multi-operator application. Rotational operator armchair system with motorized console adjustments and manual or motorized seat adjustments for operating while sitting or standing. 


  • Memory function for quickly restoring each individual operators settings
  • Motorized seat and consoles adjustments
  • Optional motorized rotate

Comfortable seat

  • Electric forward/back, up/down and angle adjustment (tilt 3°-11°)
  • Electric backrest adjustment (10°- 0 - 80°)
  • Headrest with manual height and angle adjustment
  • Lumbar support

Control consoles

  • Manual slew adjustment
  • Swivelling switch inlay
  • Electric front/back, up/down and angle adjustment


  • Additional foot rail can be manually adjusted up/down or swivel to the sides when not in use

Options for the FSMMDER:

Comfort seat with y-cut  S210Y (no y-cut: ACTIMO S722)
Seat adjustment
motor driven
Installation controllers / control devices optional
Wiring on terminals /PLC optional
Foot rail optional 
Other console dimensions optional
Finishes consoles with stainless steel or powder coated, colour according to requirements