Welcome to TER Benelux, exclusively distributed by Elma Components

TER (Tecno Elettrica Ravasi)  is continuously looking for opportunities to simplify safety and control systems of machines. For this purpose TER is designing reliable ergonomic and intuitive safety products. The company is capable of predicting the market’s demands and now is a true industry benchmark.

At the foundation of TER’s mission lays the will to establish a connection between market and company. Elma Components is TER’s sales partner for the Benelux and our role as liaison for customers is growing in importance.


Pendant Control Stations

ATEX Series


Rotary Limit Switches

Position Limit Switches

Slip Ring Collectors

Foot switches



In the last electronics has become more important for TER. This has lead to the design of a completely new and innovative line of electronic products, including a series of limit switches, encoders and transducers. Standard models can be supplied on short notice. TER is also a specialist in producing customer specific ‘special’ models.