Service and Maintenance

Service and Maintenance

Elma Services is your partner when it comes to service and maintenance of machinery, e-motors and generators. Well maintained equipment significantly reduces disruptions and downtime. A good preventive maintenance approach therefore offers an optimal balance between maintenance costs and losses due downtime and damage repair.

We realize very well the impossibility to completely prevent malfunctioning from happening. The moment a fault or break-down occurs, Elma Services is your go-to! We offer direct support. We have a team of engineers on stand-by, ready to help as soon as possible.  Your production efficiency and reliability should be affected as little as possible.

The last eight decades Elma has built up extensive experience in the service and maintenance of a wide variety of equipment: production machinery, e-motors, generators, industrial fans and blowers, ship propellers and thrusters, rotary converters and many more. The repair and overhaul of these machines and apparatuses form the core of Elma Services’s activity. Our service engineers are operating internationally, in compliance with NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015.

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photo Ismael Atabeg
Ismael Atabeg
Manager Services
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photo Jan Wouter Koudijs
Jan Wouter Koudijs
Service Coordinator
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