Pendant Control Stations

Pendant control stations

Related to pendant control stations Elma co-operates with TER. This Italian company has acquired decades of experience in designing and manufacturing control stations, providing now four series of pendant control stations or wall-mounted control stations, for auxiliary and direct control, used to command and control industrial machinery. Control stations are used in particular in industrial and construction lifting plants to control gantry cranes, track cranes, jib cranes, wall-mounted jib cranes, tower cranes and winches for construction sites; in the automation industry to command and control systems to manage machines and processes, thus reducing the need for human intervention; in stage technology to control the equipment used to move stage sets, curtains etc.; in the waste disposal industry to control the movement of machines and equipment.


These machines operate in difficult thermal conditions (low or high operating temperatures) with great thermal shifts between night and day, and they are subject to a variety of weather conditions (water, dust, UV rays and salt). They therefore need components with a high degree of protection against weather effects, resistance to extreme temperatures, high mechanical and electrical durability and resistance, accuracy in control. All components must be precise, reliable and safe to ensure good handling control, guarantee maximum operating safety, prevent personal injury and damage to objects, and prevent collisions and impact when a number of machines of the same type or similar are present in the same area.

Different series:

Each series of control stations has specific features which drastically reduce time and costs for installation and maintenance down time.

  • Mike and Victor have been designed to facilitate wiring and maintenance: the switches are installed in the base of the control station, together with the inlet of the cable, and are separated from the actuators, installed on the cover.
  • The innovative hanging system of Mike, with cables hidden inside the shell, enables quick, correct, ergonomic installation. A specific protection is available for the actuators installed on the bottom of the control station.
  • Victor cable clamp can be installed at the top, at the bottom or on the rear panel of the control station. Victor is available also with magnetic mounting case.
  • Charlie features a threaded ring used to secure the enclosure and cover, which also allows easy access to the internal components without any need for tools or screws. The switches are assembled inside the pendant station without the need for screws and they all have terminals facing the cable clamp of the pendant station and screws on the opposite side to facilitate wiring.

Each control station features different degrees of protection:

  • IP65 (water jets)
  • IP66 (strong high-velocity water, 100 liters/minute)
  • IP67 (temporary immersion)
  • IP69K (high-pressure/steam-jet cleaning water)

All the materials and components used are weather resistant and guarantee protection of the units against the penetration of water and dust.

We also supply limit switches made by TER

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