TER has a rich history in designing and producing Position Limit Switches. The brand is currently offering eight series of position limit switches. These devices are used in industrial and construction lifting equipment and cranes. They are also found back in the automation industry, in stage technology, in particular to control hoists, winches and machine tools.

A significant number of these machines are operating in difficult weather conditions. Think of extreme operating temperatures, significant thermal shifts between day and night, all types of weather conditions (water, dust, UV rays and salt). The components of TER position limit switches therefor need a high degree of protection against weather effects, a resistance to extreme temperatures and a high mechanical and electrical durability and resistance.

At the same time the limit switch's accuracy in control needs to be as optimal. All critical components of a TER position limit switch must be precise and safe in operation. A smooth handling control and maximum operating safety must be guaranteed. Personal injuries or impact with surrounding objects must be prevented at all times!