Pendant control station 'ALPHA 8': 4 Single speed pushbuttons and 2 double speed pushbuttons, electrical interlocked, green start/horn and emergency stop. Color casing: yellow. Protection class: IP65

Productcode: PF38080007

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ALPHA pendant control stations

The ALPHA Pendant Control Stations are used for auxiliary control. They come with an innovative and modern design. Each the graphic element refers to a specific technical function.
Resulting from a thorough analysis of the ergonomic features combined with the research of a graphic style suitable for a modern industrial environment ALPHA control stations are easy to handle thanks to their size and shape.

Features ALPHA

- Reduced installation and wiring time and costs: the switches feature terminals facing the cable clamp of the control station and screws on the opposite site to facilitate wiring.
- The control station has an inclination, giving the operator the best view of all the control elements and enabling a natural, comfortable working position.
- The emergency stop mushroom pushbutton complies with standard EN 418.
- Positive opening NC contacts for safety functions.
- Mechanical life of switches: 1 million operations.
- IP protection degree: ALPHA is classified IP65.
- Extreme temperature resistance: -25℃ to+70℃.
- All materials and components used are wear resistant and guarantee protection of the unit against water and dust.
- Insulation category: Class II
- Cable entry: Rubber cable sleeve (Ø 14÷26 mm)
- Operating positions: any position

Certifications & Standards

- CE marking, EAC certification. Conformity to Community Directives: 2006/95/CE 2006/42/CE
- Conformity to EN 60204-1 EN 60947-1 EN 60947-5-1 EN 60529 EN 418
- Markings & homologations: CE, EAC
More Information
Number of buttons 8
Type buttons Single, Double
Color Yellow
Emergency stop button Yes
Function button Start/Horn
Atex No
IP protection IP65