Pendant controle station 'CHARLIE E-stop': 2 double speed pushbuttons with electrical interlock and emergency stop button. Quickly assembled without any tools. Protection class: IP65

Productcode: PF39030002

Expected time of delivery 4 weeks
€33.78 ( Incl. Tax: €40.87 )
CHARLIE Standard is a compact-sized pendant control station for auxiliary control. The design is modern, industrial yet user-friendly. The station is firm on technical, anthropomorphic, futuristic and ergonomic specifications.
CHARLIE is very easy to handle. You will safe both time and costs during installation. Maintenance down-time is also reduced to a minimum.

Features CHARLIE

- Switches inside the pendant station are assembled without screws. All terminals are facing the cable inlet. Screws are placed in the opposite direction to facilitate wiring.
- A threaded ring is used to secure the enclosure and cover, providing easy access to the components. No need for tools or screws.
- The hollow handle allows the control station to be set down on a pin, quickly and easily.
- Mechanical life of switches: 1.000.000 operations.
- IP protection degree: IP65.
- Extreme temperature resistance: -25℃ to +70℃.
- All used materials and components are wear resistant. They guarantee protection against water and dust.


- CE marking, EAC certification.
More Information
Number of buttons 3
Type buttons Double
Color Yellow
Emergency stop button Yes
Function button None
Atex No
IP protection IP65