Position limit switch INO: aluminum housing with snap action 2NC contacts and glass-fiber rod Ø6mm. Protection degree: IP66

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The INO position limit switch is designed to control the movement of overhead travelling cranes, hoists and complex machine tools. The limit switches are used in building and industrial hoisting applications, in the automation and entertainment industry.

!! NOTE: the INO models in our webshop are only examples of a handful of standard models. Elma Components is offering 4 INO families: “Standard”/“Double lever”/“Wired”/“Safety” with more than 10.000 different configurations. Choose the INO limit switch that best meets your needs and fill out the INO configuration sheet or give us a call. Our sales engineers will help you select the best solution !!

General features INO Limit Switch

- Casing made of fiber-glass reinforced UL-VO thermoplastic, zinc alloy (zama) or aluminum, featuring 2 or 4 fixing holes
- Casings available in different width and with different cable entries: 30 mm with 1 cable entry, 35 mm wired, 40 mm with 1 cable entry, 50 mm with 2 or 3 cable entries and 60 mm with 3 cable entries
- Electrically separated contacts and positive opening NC contacts for safety functions
- Mechanical life of switches: up to 30 million operations
- Operation frequency: 3.600 operations/hour max.
- IP protection degree: IP65, IP66. INO ‘Wired limit switches with thermoplastic material or die-cast metal casings, sealed with epoxy plastic at the base (cable entries) are classified IP67
- Extreme temperature resistance: -40℃ to +70℃
- All materials and components used are wear resistant and guarantee protection of the units against water and dust


- 10 different types of switches 

snap action switches with 2NC or 1NO+1NC contacts
slow action simultaneous switches with 2NC or 2NO contacts
slow action break before make switches with 1NO+1NC, 1NO+2NC or 2NO+1NC contacts
slow action make before break switches with 1NO+1NC contacts
slow action simultaneous switches with 3NC and 3NO contacts

- Up to 39 different types of actuators for a wide variety of applications. Heads in techno-polymer, metal or aluminum.


CE marking, UL marking.

More Information
IP protection IP66
Housing Material Aluminum
Number Switches 2