Small-sized, compact and handy joystick for control of industrial machines. Juliet is a user-friendly, ergonomic product, suitable for daily use in an industrial environment.

Features - Designed to facilitate maintenance, reducing down time and costs: the switches are assembled on pull-out or fixed terminal boards. - Light and handy: weight 250 grams. - Positive opening NC contacts for safety functions. - Mechanical life of switches: 5 million operations. - IP protection degree: Juliet is classiied IP00 or IP65, if housed in Juliet-PK or in a speciic enclosure. - Extreme temperature resistance: -25°C to +70°C.

Options - Available with up to 5 speeds for each direction. - Stepped or linear operation. - Cross or 360° movement. - Available with terminal boards or potentiometers.

Certifications - CE marking and EAC certification.