Sturdy and reliable joystick station, suitable for industrial environments and harsh conditions. Materials, technical solutions and sizing of critical components studied to guarantee mechanical resistance and long life.

Features - Designed for Romeo joysticks. - Carry-on straps and aluminium handles provide for greater ease of use. - The emergency stop mushroom pushbutton complies with standard EN 418 and is positioned in the middle for intuitive operation in case of danger. - Positive opening NC contacts for safety functions. - Mechanical life of switches: 1 million operations. - IP protection degree: Romeo PK is classified min. IP43 – max. IP65, depending on the joystick. - Extreme temperature resistance: -25°C to +70°C. - All materials and components used are wear resistant and guarantee protection of the unit against water and dust.

Options - Wide range of actuators: pushbuttons, selector switches and key-selector switches, pilot lights. - Single switches with NO or NC contacts and double switches with NO contacts, one or two speeds, with electrical interlock to prevent simultaneous operation of opposite functions. - Available with customized labels and enclosures with different size holes.

Certifications - CE marking and EAC certification.