Wall-mounted auxiliary control station, featuring an innovative design, cutting-edge technology and an ergonomic enclosure that is smooth, practical and wear resistant. Designed to reduce maintenance down time to a minimum, Victor is also available with magnetic mounting case and it can be configured according to customers’ needs.

Features - Reduced installation and wiring time and costs: the cable inlet and the switches fitted in the base of the control station are separated from the actuators, installed on the cover. - Rubber pushbuttons with symbol disks to ensure protection against dust and prevent jamming when the control station is used in harsh environments. - The emergency stop mushroom pushbutton complies with standard ISO 13850. - Positive opening NC contacts for safety functions. - Mechanical life of pushbuttons and switches: 10 million operations. - IP protection degree: Victor 1-2-3-4 actuators is classified IP66, IP67 and IP69K, Victor 6-8 actuators IP65. - NEMA protection degree: grey and black Victor is classified Type 1, 4 and 4X*; yellow Victor is classified Type 1, 4 and 4X* for indoor use only. - Extreme temperature resistance: -40°C to +80°C. - All materials and components used are wear resistant and guarantee protection of the unit against water and dust.

Options - Available in configuration from 1 to 8 actuators. - Cable clamp can be installed at the top, at the bottom or on the back of the control station. - Available with magnetic mounting case to make the control station even more versatile. - 1NO or 1NC switches, LEDs voltage 24/48 Vac/dc or 110/230 Vac and potentiometers. - Mechanical interlock to prevent simultaneous operation of opposite functions. - Wide range of actuators in different colours: one or two speed pushbuttons, selector switches and key-selector switches in various operation configurations, pilot lights, impulse or latched mushroom pushbuttons with rotation or key-operated release. - One speed pushbuttons and selector switches available in illuminated version in a range of colours. - Available with labels (symbols and lettering) to be applied next to the actuators, or with pushbuttons with two-colour moulded permanent symbols.

Certifications CE marking, cULus* marking and EAC certification. Victor is available, upon request, with the SIL1 certification (Safety Integrity Level 1), according to Standard IEC61508. Complies with accident prevention regulation BGV C 1 (only for Germany) HALT TEST (Highly Accelerated Life Test) passed, simulating conditions largely exceeding standard operating conditions.