The A4 is a light and compact 4-key pushbutton handset. Frequency scan enables the unit to identify free frequencies at start up. Bi-directional radio communication enables the reception of information about the machine status on the transmitter. Radio frequency communication parameters can be programmed to improve reliability and safety in use. A rechargeable Lithium-ion battery allows for long operation with no memory effect and no ageing.

Standard Kit Accessories
Docking station
Heavy Duty Cover with belt

Available options
Charger Plug
USB adapter (with EU plugr)
Soft cover


Ladders Magnets / underhook attachments Overhead cranes Tow vehicles Conveyor belts Machine tools Hoists / winches JIB cranes

Power supply 3.7 VDC (Li-ion)
Frequency band 433.05-434.79 MHz (64 channels)
915-928 MHz (256 channels)
Hamming distance ≥9
Typical working range 75-100 m
Average usage time with fully charged battery (continuous use at 20°C / 68°F) 40 h
Safety performance of the STOP function (EN ISO 13849-1) PL d
Protection degree IP 65 (NEMA 4)
Operating and storage temperature operating -20°C ÷ +55°C (-4°F ÷ +131°F)
storage: -40°C ÷ +70°C (-40°F ÷ +158°F)
Dimensions 64,5 x 179 x 37,5 mm
2.54 x 7.05 x 1.48 in
Weight 0,25 kg
0.551 lb