Customized Radio Remote Control Stations

Elma Components develops and builds radio remote control solutions that are totally adapted to our customers’ needs and requirements. As soon as the functional requirements are clear customers can leave all further engineering, assembly and configuration to our Elma engineers. This happens in close and constant consultation with our customers. Elma Components exclusively works with transmitter and receiver technology from Autec Slr (Caldogno, Italy).

Fitting & functional

Our engineers are capable of developing a fitting remote control solution starting from an open and undefined control challenge. Of course customers can also approach us with a technical prepositions that are already elaborated. Our goal is always to come to a solution that is fitting and functionally feasible. If necessary, Elma Components will arrange physical modifications or sub-assemblies of/for transmitters and receivers.

Short delivery times

Customized solutions can potentially be very close to Autec's standard solutions. In these cases Elma Components will be able to produce and test a completely configured rrc system within 1 to 2 weeks. Turnkey solutions involving more complex Autec systems typically have lead times of 5 to 6 weeks (after customer’s approval). In these cases more time is needed for engineering, configuration and testing.

Possible modifications

-  Casing/housing transmitter: Elma installs joysticks and toggle switches according to customer requirements.

-  Lay-outs, prints, foils, panel labeling, graphic formatting of Autec transmitters: it is possible to make your own lay-out. Basic lay-outs are available in pdf or in Corel Draw. You can also leave the complete design to Elma Components.

-  Software configuration receiver: our engineers are experienced in defining the conditions, safety two hand controls, (non-)latching, input blocking and other parameters in the receiver’s software. Also the setting of various limits, tresholds, data feedback loops and output types can be implemented by Elma. Autec control systems operate with proportional, pwm and voltage signals.

-  Technical design, wiring & cabling of receivers: using the electric schemes of our customer’s machine or set-up, Elma Components is able to make a dedicated technical design for the Autec control station. We also take care of the physical lay-out of the receiver. Receivers can be equipped with a wide variety of cable configurations:  screw fittings, multipole connectors or direct clamp connectors.

Atex versions

Elma Components is the right address for radio remote transmitters and receivers that are able to operate in explosion hazardous environments. Within Autec's product range the LK NEO EX 8 and the LK NEO EX 12. These are binary control logic transmitters with 8 and 12 push buttons that have been certified for ATEX zones 0/20 and 20/22 according to 2014/34/EU and IECEx standards.

Thanks to a close cooperation with Elma Systems it is fairly simple for Elma Components to offer customers special explosion proof casings to enclose their Autec receiver. Hence also our receivers can be made Ex proof!