Classic crane and lifting solutions

When reliability and safety are primary criteria, the Modular series has always been a popular choice due to its ease of use and flexibility. Because a large number of standard and complex lifting applications can be accommodated (for example tower cranes), the Modular series remains one of the favourite radio remote controls for clients. This is largely thanks to the “if it’s working properly, don’t replace it” mentality of people, which they apply when a product is reliable and a good investment during the service life of the product.

Many clients believe this series of transmitters and receivers is one of the best in the industry.

The Modular series of handsets (MK) and belly-pack (MJ) radio remote controls have a “fail safe” function, which means if any errors are made, the safety function will remain available. The Modular series is one of the first to use automatic channel search technology, which automatically switches over to a free channel; the Modular series is therefore extremely resistant to “noise”, thus facilitating supple and uninterrupted radio control.

The Modular series means that users can benefit from the combining of resources as part of a multi-unit system. “Master & Slave” and “Take & Release” are all possible with a tandem control.