Radio remote control solutions for construction and utilities

Autec produces control systems for a wide range of machines that are used for construction, utilities and maintenance. In addition to remote control systems for construction machinery (e.g. concrete pumps, tower cranes, loader cranes, telehandlers, excavators, etc), Autec SLR also offers dedicated control solutions for large scale construction machinery for tunnelling, piping and drilling. Autec caters to safety critical utility vehicles like paving, sewer cleaning or street vacuuming machines. Finally, Autec remote control systems are implemented on elevated work platforms for personnel lifting.

Autec is offering control stations for following contruction & utility machines

Populaire producten
  1. LBM02MH
    €59.00 ( Incl. Tax: €71.39 )
  2. MBM06MH
    €88.00 ( Incl. Tax: €106.48 )
  3. AIRBM3V7L
    €45.10 ( Incl. Tax: €54.57 )
  4. NC0707L
    €79.20 ( Incl. Tax: €95.83 )