Autec’s DYNAMIC+ series comprise joystick transmitting units and the CRD receiving unit. The radio remote controls are suitable for DC applications, typical of hydraulic machinery used in construction sites, logistics and transportation, infrastructure maintenance and much more. It is also possible to use the Data Feedback function, which visualizes control information on a 1.54 '', 2.7 '' or 4.3 '' color graphic display. The highly configurable DYNAMIC+ systems enhances the performance of the most complex configurations with up to a maximum of 12 proportional and 64 digital outputs.

Dynamic Communication with DYNAMIC+ control stations

The DYNAMIC+ transmitters and receivers communicate with each other in "frequency hopping" mode. They dynamically utilize the working frequencies included in the 863-870 MHz band (or 915-928 MHz for non-European markets). As a matter of fact, they are constantly changing working frequencies, verifying which frequency is free before using it. In this way a stable radio link in the presence of interference is maintained while simultaneously guaranteeing the least possible interference for other radio equipment in the area. The reliability of the radio link allows an effective response to the proportional controls while eliminating the need for frequency mapping, even when radio frequencies are considerably crowded.