Repair Autec Transmitters & Receivers

Is your Autec remote control system in need of repair or maintenance? Elma Components is your go-to! Our service engineers know all the ins and outs of Autec devices. They are able to repair the complete range of Autec transmitters and receivers in a short amount of time. At Elma it is our goal to repair, test and return your Autec system within maximally 5 working days*. In this way your complete system will be fully functioning again.

For more than 20 years Elma has been the official distributor of Autec radio remote control systems in the Benelux. For the same amount of time Elma has been the official address for the repair and maintenance of the installed base Autec systems in the Benelux.

TIP: in case of a defect Autec system, please, send in both TRANSMITTER and RECEIVER, accompanied by a completed SERVICE REQUEST (download here).

How Elma Services handles service requests

Download Autec Service Request

1.  First off, we would like to ask you to find out whether the failure is transmitter or receiver related. Are you unable to unravel this? No problem! Please, contact one of our service engineers  (T: +31 (0)346 357 095).

2.  Send in your complete Autec system (transmitter + receiver) accompanied by a service request form

3.  After receiving your remote control system we will make an initial evaluation of the problem. If the (assumed) repair costs will exceed 50% of the device’s original price, you will be contacted by one of our service engineer.

4.  After your Autec remote control unit has been repaired we will thoroughly test your complete system. For this purpose Elma has dedicated testing cabinets, one for each Autec product line! You may rest assured of getting back a prefectly working radio remote control station.

* providing that Elma has the necessary replacement components in stock

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