Customisable versions with up to 4 dual-axis joysticks, 8 linear joystick and several additional actuators. Available with digital commands or also including proportional commands. Countless customised solutions are possible. Suitable for a wide range of machinery, including complex applications and special industrial lifting machines. Frequency scan at start up. Customizable configuration system. Removable AIR key for safer access. Dual band radio; CANopen 2.0 A communication bus. Polyamide / fiberglass housing for greater resistance to external agents, IP65 protection degree, comfortable design for easy control.

Waist belt

Cable Control
Zero G Sensor
Aluminum Panel (for more difficult working environments)
IR Sensor
External Buzzer
1.54’’ or 2.7’’ display (OLED or transflective)


Machine tools Overhead cranes Port cranes Tunnelling machines