Customisable versions with either 2 or 3 dual-axis joysticks and up to 7 additional actuators + START and STOP. Available with digital commands or also including analog commands. Polyamide / fiberglass housing for greater resistance to external agents, IP65 protection degree, comfortable design for easy control.

Shoulder strap pouch

Cable Control
Zero G Sensor
Aluminum Panel (for more difficult working environments)
IR Sensor
External Buzzer
1.54" or 2.7" screen (OLED or transflective)


Suction and and cleaning vehicles Machine tools Conveyor belts Tow vehicles Forestry haulage systems Forklift Beton vibrators Construction cranes Construction cranes Sewer / Cleaning vehicles Automatic warehouse Bush-cutters Cutting and pressing machines Mobile Boat trolleys Truck-mountes loader cranes Ladders Overhead cranes Hoists / winches Concrete batch plants Magnets / underhook attachments Trailers