The LK Neo is a push-button handset with 10 push-buttons. Frequency scan allows the LK Neo remote control to identify available frequencies on start-up. Bi-directional radio communication allows receipt of machine status information on the transmitter. Operation, functions and frequency settings can be programmed to improve reliability and safety during use. The exchangeable battery means work can continue without interruption.

Soft cover
Shoulder strap pouch

Key ID 0-1
2/3 position switch
Rotative switch
Extractable key
IR Sensor
Zero-G Sensor
Enable switch
1.8” color display (with 6 or 10-button versions)
External Buzzer
Heavy Duty cover


Suction and and cleaning vehicles Automatic warehouse Concrete Mixer pumps Concrete pumps Concrete batch plants Concrete vibrators Drilling machines Forestry and Agriculture vehicles Forestry haulage systems Bush-cutters Construction cranes Crushers  / Screeners Excavators / Diggers Port cranes Cutting and pressing machines Ladders Tunnelling machines Magnets / underhook attachments Mixers Mobile Boat haulers Mobile Boat trolleys Overhead cranes Pipeline machines Sewer / Cleaning vehicles Robotics Break rock booms Rock-Breaker booms Tow vehicles Grinders for agriculture Hoists fors hip building Trailers Conveyor belts Forklift Machine tools Hoists / winches Side loaders