The safe and reliable SIDEKICK transmitting unit has bi-directional radio with an extended working range. SIDEKICK is compact and very waist-portable thanks to an ergonomic design, extremely reduced weight and an inclined control panel. It’s configurable with selector levers, a rotary switch, potentiometer or a side button. It has a STOP function, classified up to PL d, which complies with EN ISO 13849-1.

Automatic frequency search at start-up
Replaceable Li-Ion internal battery
Motion Sensor that intervenes in case of impact, fall or inclination of the transmitting unit
4 data feedback LEDs to display machine status
Data Log for recording of remote control operations
PIN start-up: prevents unauthorized use
CAN communication and serial ports

Pre-disposition actuator for emergency calls (horn)
Intermittent brake
Can be used while charging

Battery recharge: cable with USB connector & AC power supply or cigar jack


Tow vehicles Forestry and Agriculture vehicles