Analogue outputs available for both voltage and current signals. Possibility of communicating via CANopen interface. Maximum number of functions: 8 analogue and 28 digital. Digital and serial inputs are available. Cabling via two 30-pin plugs.


Suction and and cleaning vehicles Truck mounted cranes Concrete pumps Concrete vibrators Drilling machines Forestry and Agriculture vehicles Forestry haulage systems Bush-cutters Truck-mountes loader cranes Crushers  / Screeners Excavators / Diggers Port cranes Elevated Work Platforms (EWP) Provision cranes Cutting and pressing machines Ladders Tunnelling machines Scissor lifts Mixers Mobile Boat haulers Mobile Boat trolleys Offshore cranes Pipeline machines Sewer / Cleaning vehicles Break rock booms Rock-Breaker booms Tracked vehicles Tow vehicles Grinders for agriculture Railway automation Conveyor belts Handlers Forklift